Having a steady stream of traffic to your offering of products or services is great.  In fact, it’s the only way you’ll see success with your publishing.  Once you have the traffic, though, the easiest way to increase your ROI is by split testing different variations of your landing or sales pages.  Small changes can make a big difference in the amount of conversions you get from your campaigns.

Test One Factor At A Time

Before you jump in and start changing everything around, stop.  If you want to see the best success from your split testing you need to slow down and focus on one aspect at a time.

For instance, you could start by changing out the headline, and testing the results with a new influx of traffic.  If the results are better than your control, the test was a success.  If not, revert back to the original control and test the byline.  The point is to test and tweak one aspect of your offering page at a time.


When you make a change to the offering page, track it.  Track your thought process behind the change, and what was happening before you made it.  This will give you a clear indication of whether or not your tests were successful.  It also helps you come back after a few weeks and figure out the results of your tests, without having to wonder what was going through your head when you made the changes.

Always Test Your Traffic Sources

Some sources of traffic are going to give you a much higher quality in traffic.  That means you’re going to get a lot more conversions from a traffic source like Google, for instance.  This tip is especially true when you’re paying for traffic.  You always need to be testing different sources to quickly cut your losers, and spend more time and money on the sources that are giving you conversions.

Remember The Metric That Matters:  Conversions

At the end of the day, your goal with split testing is to increase the amount of conversions you’re getting from the traffic you already have.  That means this is the easiest way to add more money to your bottom line, and increase the ROI of your campaigns without having to spend more time or money increasing the amount of traffic you’re getting to your site.

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