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MSP Staffing Companies

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How to Benefit the Most from MSP Staffing Companies?

MSP staffing companies can do so much more for your business than manage the recruitment department. If you choose the right MSP staffing company, your enterprise will benefit from the knowledge and experience of staffing experts who specialize in optimizing the employment process. This isn’t something you get when you outsource recruitment or use a vendor management system (VMS).

What is the difference between MSP and VMS?

An MSP is a group of people who manage a department in your business with the aim of improving it. Taking a recruitment department as an example, a staffing MSP will expand your workforce by hiring top talent while also looking at ways your employment process could be streamlined. The team will analyze current methods, explain their findings to you and offer advice on anything that could be improved.

A VMS is a web-based application which allows firms to hire and manage a contingent workforce. Using a VMS in house is similar to working with an MSP, but the company has to do all the work. While the tool can be used to automate transactions, facilitate onboarding, track spending, etc, it’s down to the firm to use it.

Simply put, an MSP is a group of people who manage a department of your business and help you improve it. A VMS is an online tool which helps you hire independent workers and better your own processes. An MSP is a completely hands-off solution, while a VMS is a much more demanding and involved fix.

How firms take full advantage of MSP staffing companies

If you’re still not convinced that an MSP is a better solution than a VMS, here are four ways firms get more value out of MSP staffing companies than they could ever get out of a vendor management system.

Gain access to global talent

For firms expanding into international markets, having access to worldwide talent can be an issue. Top MSPs in staffing operate on a global level and have the resources to attract, onboard and maintain excellent workers internationally with the skills and experience your business needs.

While it could take your in-house staffing department months to put together a team for a project, an MSP will likely already have some people in mind who would be perfect for your project when you hand them your requirements.

Benefit from the latest technology

Incorporating new technology into a business is expensive, especially if it only benefits one purpose, such as recruiting. For most enterprises, setting aside a major part of the budget for the latest technology that only does one job just isn’t realistic.

When you work with a staffing managed services program, you can benefit from the latest recruitment technology without having to empty the company account. Not only do you save money by not having to purchase the software yourself, but you also save the time that would be spent while HR staff get to grips with the new program.

Hand-off payroll stress

When working with independent contractors and temporary staff, payroll can get messy. Especially if you hire people from various organizations like many firms do. When you work with the top MSPs in staffing, you hand off all the complex payroll operations to a third party.

Although the staff you hire will be working for your company, the MSP is responsible for paying them and dealing with all HR issues. It’s also their job to facilitate onboarding and offboarding, two of the most stressful aspects of staffing.

Approve ad-hoc projects

When you deal with recruitment in-house, small ad-hoc projects can seem like too much hassle. The amount of time it takes to advertise new positions, interview people and hire staff could outweigh the benefit you’d get from the one-time project. This could lead to you denying a proposal that could hugely benefit your company in the long-run.

Working with MSPs makes hiring temps for short-term projects easy. If your business is seasonal, you can increase staffing to coincide with a spike in demand. Equally, if you need a creative team for a single design project, you can use the staffing managed services program to hire the right people for the small job.

The many benefits of working with MSPs

Leaving your recruitment department in the expert hands of an MSP staffing firm opens up many opportunities for your business to grow and thrive. From being able to hire top staff for one-off projects to boosting HR productivity by freeing up their resources, MSP recruitment companies are something every organization should think about incorporating into their business plans.

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